Andi Pink

First Impressions

When you visit AndiPink and scroll down the page just a bit you’ll see a large picture of Andi bent over with her pants around her ankles. She’s wearing a tiny g-string panty and you can actually see the outline of her pussy lips through the thin material of the panties. As soon as I saw that image, accompanied by her smiling face on the other end of it, I was hooked on this babe. Further exploration of the tour pages reveals her to be a cute teen babe with a hot body and a love of getting naked. What could be better?

Hot Promises

In her welcome paragraph at the top of the page Andi promises us lots of hot stuff, and judging by the free content she’s sharing with the masses there’s an awful lot of hot tit and pussy pictures inside. You know if she’s showing her snatch in the tour that she’s going all the way inside the site. Further down the page there’s a paragraph where Andi actually requests that you “blow your load” while looking at her pictures. It would be cruel to deny a girl so beautiful.

Round Up

At first glance the member’s area design looks smooth and user friendly, but it’s actually a little sloppy. There are different colored tables all over, different sized images making the columns look screwy, and an unclear sense of where you’re supposed to go if you just want to see Andi naked. The first information they hit you with is the list of bonus sites that come with your membership. The only problem is there are also two advertisements thrown in that list (although the VOD site does come with 15 free minutes).

My advice would be to skip everything on the member’s landing page and use the tiny text nav bar at the top to direct yourself to the picture galleries. There are 314 picture albums online as of April 2007 with a new edition coming down the pipeline every three days. The galleries are organized by month, which each one being represented by a thumbnailed picture. Click on the picture for any month and you can see all the galleries added during that time. Most months feature 9-12 additions with the exception of the first which is loaded with the initial content. It should be noted that there are 63 screencap galleries included in that total of 314. While the screencaps are nice, there’s really no point in using them when you can just download the videos instead.

Most of Andi’s galleries are of the solo strip and spread variety. She starts out dressed in a cute outfit – Andi’s all about the cute outfits that make her look super young – and then slowly strips out of it as the camera snaps picture after hot picture. In most cases she’s totally naked at the end with the possible exception of her shoes and socks. It’s always great to end a picture gallery with a hot shot of a girl’s pussy, so you can’t ask much more of Andi in this department.

Andi has a fully stocked video section as well and it’s a nice compliment to the picture galleries. Much like the pictures the videos are also organized by month; click the month you want to see and you can download all the videos uploaded during that time. A new video is added every 1-2 weeks, so most months have 2-4 clips that you can enjoy.

The videos fall into two categories. In the first we watch as Andi poses for a photo gallery. Basically someone setup a tripod, placed the camera on it and zoomed in on Andi. Every once in a while you’ll see a flash go off and then watch as Andi strikes a new pose. This might work for some people, but I found it to be terribly boring. I’d rather just look at the photos since they’re much higher resolution, lit better, and clearer. The second type is more my speed. In them you can watch as Andi goes about her daily tasks, albeit with a slightly sexed up look and feel. Watch as she takes a naked bath, reads a book naked, watches porn and masturbates, looks at a magazine and masturbates, massages herself and more. Basically, these scenes have some action instead of standing still and posing.

Outside of the photos and videos the only other content of interest at AndiPink is the extras page. There you’ll find three wallpapers to decorate your desktop, a number of polls to vote in to improve the site, and four bonus sites that you can access free of charge. Each site is a multi model teen babe collection with lots more girls like Andi posing nude for you. Most have different general themes, RedCityNudes features babes from Russia for instance, but in general it’s all the same content (not that that’s a bad thing).

Before moving on I wanted to pass along a few of my favorite content sets. First is a picture gallery in which Andi takes a shower and gives the camera a number of wide open pussy shots. Second is another image gallery in which she goes to the fridge to pour herself a soda and ends up stripping naked and showing us her pussy. Lastly there’s a hot video set, broken up into two different galleries, where she masturbates while looking at a porno mag.

Croco’s Opinion

From the moment I laid eyes upon Andi I was hooked. She combines incredible cuteness with a hot body and a willingness to show it off, which can be rare among teen models. Most of the cute girls want to stay clothed and preserve their innocence. Andi recognizes that we want to see hot babes naked and she gives us that. If you like teen babes you’re going to love this hot babe.


Although the member’s mainpage is a bit of a mess the rest of the site is easy to browse. The picture and video galleries are efficiently laid out and the extras page is done nicely as well. Most of the time the site loads quickly and the video downloads ran at the top of my connection’s limit.

Pricing Policy

A 30 day membership costs $29.95 when billing by credit card, check, or anonymously through NetCash. You can also pay by phone, which is a little pricier at $34.95. The best deal is to sign up for 90 days and pay only $59.95. Everything is recurring except for the phone billing.

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